The Global Green Finance Leadership Program (GFLP) provides a platform for an in-depth regional dialogue on best practices, inspiring innovations, and the challenges of scaling-up sustainable finance. It builds on the global momentum created by United Nations Climate Change Conferences, COP27, and the G20 Leaders’ Summit, both taking place earlier in November 2022. The Program was launched by the Beijing’s Institute of Finance and Sustainability (BIFS) in collaboration with a few other China-based and international institutions in May 2018. Speakers are from diverse backgrounds and roles in the global financial sector community, representing countries in the region and more advanced economies. Participants in the previous editions of the GFLP were representatives from the international financial community, governments and regulatory authorities, academia, the private sector, and the development community more broadly. 

The World Bank Group Inclusive Growth and Sustainable Finance Hub in Malaysia will partner with BIFS to host the upcoming GFLP 2022 in Malaysia. Going with the theme, “Scaling-up Sustainable Finance in South-East Asia,” the main feature of this year’s GFLP is the launch of a Flagship Report on Sustainable Finance in Southeast Asia. The Program will build on the Flagship Report’s main findings and provide a platform for a discussion of a wide range of topics, from the challenges of developing the enabling policy environment for developing financial markets for sustainability in developing countries to innovative sustainable financial instruments and the role of the financial sector in helping firms and households build stronger resilience to climate-related and other environmental physical and transition risks. 



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