China to set the pace on green and sustainable finance this year backed by policy support, ESG awareness, bankers say

Chinese banks have increased their support for green bonds and green loans over the past few years, with a record high volume issued in the past few years. Green bonds are an essential financial tool for companies and investors to implement their commitments. By issuing green bonds, corporations can finance projects that promote sustainable development, such as transitioning to renewable energy sources or improving energy efficiency in buildings. Investors can also use green bonds to express their preferences for environmentally friendly investments. The green, social and sustainability-linked bond markets showed tremendous growth in mainland China in 2022. According to Refinitiv, the total amount of issuances for these bonds reached US$5 billion this year, representing a 7% increase from 2021. China is more concerned about the environment, society and governance (ESG) and will be more product related to ESG in future.



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