Klépierre to Build the Most Sustainable Platform for Commerce by 2030

Klépierre, the European leader in shopping malls, announced its CSR strategy, Act4Good™, Act4Good™ is designed to ensure that Klépierre’s shopping malls are a safe, welcoming, and sustainable environment. The four pillars of the new strategy include

  • Achieving net zero by 2030;
  • Acting to service communities and territories around its shopping centres;
  • Working as a skills developer for its employees, partners and visitors; and
  • Promoting sustainable lifestyles.

In response to the CSR strategy, Klépierre set up a scientific committee. It included finance, accounting, environmental and social issues experts to help Klépierre build the most sustainable platform for commerce by 2030 through its innovative methodology.

resource: https://esgnews.com/klepierre-to-build-the-most-sustainable-platform-for-commerce-by-2030/


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