Routine Collateral Haircut Review and Adjustment

According to the OTC Clearing Hong Kong Limited Clearing Procedures Section 2.6.2 of the Clearing House Procedures of HKFE Clearing Corporation Limited (HKCC) and Section of the Operational Clearing Procedures of The SEHK Options Clearing House Limited (SEOCH), OTC Clear has reviewed the routine Collateral haircut and decided to adjust the haircut ratios on cash and non-cash Collateral, and it will be effective on 7 February 2023. This haircut shall be applied on a daily basis to determine the value of any RMB and USD allowed to be used as cover for the margin requirements of HKCC and/or SEOCH participants for contracts with settlement currency. The haircut on RMB deposited as margin collateral from 3.2% to 3.0% and the haircut on USD deposited as margin collateral from 0.9% to 0.8%.



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