Guest Post: ESG Trends That Will Define 2023 and Beyond

The Securities and Exchange Commission’s (SEC) increased focus on ESG means that investors and corporations alike must take steps to ensure their ESG principles comply with the Commission’s requirements. This includes providing investors with disclosures on how their investments affect sustainability-related goals and implementing measures to reduce or mitigate risks associated with these investments. In 2023, the SEC will continue to increase its focus on registered funds’ compliance with disclosure requirements. In addition, the SEC will also use its enforcement powers to help promote sustainable investing and discourage greenwashing. Also, It found that Technology is essential to help resolve the ESG data challenges. Data intelligence is increasingly important in evaluating ESG investments and measuring ESG impact. To make informed decisions, investors and institutions need access to reliable data points that can be used for comparison, and thus, it helps them develop a better solution or strategy to achieve their ESG goals.



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