WTW Launches ESG Analytics Platform

WTW is a global advisory, broking, and solutions company. It announced the introduction of ESG Clarified. The ESG Clarified platform is designed to provide organizations with a comprehensive overview of their existing ESG risks, as well as insights into how they can best manage them. With the ability to assess and compare data from multiple sources, including climate models, the platform enables users to understand their environmental, social and governance. The new SaaS solution from WTW is designed to give organizations a comprehensive view of their ESG exposures. The platform combines external and proprietary data sources with internal WTW data sources and analytics, allowing companies to analyze and score their ESG risks in real-time quickly. It also provides a comprehensive suite of ESG risk management solutions designed to meet the needs of companies operating in today’s increasingly complex regulatory and business environment. With its advanced analytics, reporting, and compliance features, users can gain complete visibility into their organization’s ESG risks and develop strategies to address them.

resource: https://www.esgtoday.com/wtw-launches-esg-analytics-platform/


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