World Bank Prices $50 Million Emission Reduction-Linked Bond for Clean Drinking Water in Vietnam

The World Bank’s Emission Reduction-Linked Bond is the first of its kind, designed to provide an attractive return and promote emission reduction projects. The bond will finance a project in Vietnam that aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by manufacturing 300,000 high-efficiency water purifiers and distributing them to 8,000 schools and institutions. The bond is also expected to make clean water available to around two million children and to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by almost 3 million tons of carbon dioxide in 5 years. The project involves distributing water purifiers that reduce the burning of biomass. The goal is to improve health outcomes and reduce air pollution in the region. As part of this, VCUs will be generated from the impact measurements of the successful installation of these devices. Investors can then redeem their bonds for these VCUs, which are eligible to be used to offset their environmental impacts. The project is expected to generate significant positive outcomes, including economic benefits and improved health outcomes for people in Vietnam. It also has the potential to increase access to safe drinking water and reduce greenhouse gas emissions associated with biomass burning. As a result, this bond could be a critical financial instrument in helping to bridge the gap between climate change impacts and economic development goals. Ultimately, this project and other similar initiatives may help to catalyze a more sustainable future for us.



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