IKEA to Support Suppliers’ Switch to 100% Renewable Energy

IKEA has committed to 100% renewable energy across its value chain and is now expanding its program to support suppliers accessing renewable energy. As part of this expansion, IKEA provides resources to support its suppliers in the ten new markets in developing renewable energy projects. IKEA has also committed to providing expertise in renewable energy procurement, financing and project execution to help its suppliers navigate the complexities of setting up a renewable energy project.

By working with its suppliers to support their use of renewable energy, IKEA is helping them reduce their carbon footprint while improving their long-term sustainability and profitability. IKEA is looking to invest in green energy projects across its production network to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from production and meet its climate-positive goal by 2030. The company said it would prioritize renewable energy projects, such as solar, wind and hydropower, close to IKEA’s operations and offer the best return on investment for its suppliers, customers and the environment. The company is also looking to identify new ways to collaborate with other companies to increase the pace of production emissions reductions. In addition, IKEA said it would work with suppliers across its value chain to reduce energy consumption and GHG emissions from manufacturing, transport and waste management activities.

resource: https://www.esgtoday.com/ikea-to-support-suppliers-switch-to-100-renewable-energy-in-key-markets/


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