BMW Group to Source Aluminium from Sustainable Production in Canada from 2024

The BMW Group is committed to reducing its environmental impact, and this agreement with Rio Tinto demonstrates its commitment to sourcing aluminium with significantly reduced CO2 emissions. Furthermore, using hydropower, The BMW Group will be able to save an estimated 70 per cent of their emissions from 2024 onward. This step in reducing emissions follows from other initiatives The BMW Group took to reduce their carbon footprint, including investing in renewable energy sources and reducing the weight of cars.

This agreement with Rio Tinto marks a significant step forward for The BMW Group’s sustainability efforts and is an example of how companies can take responsibility for their environmental impacts. The BMW Group has committed to its customers and shareholders to reduce its emissions, and this agreement is a significant step in achieving that goal. This commitment to sourcing sustainable aluminium will positively impact the environment and demonstrates The BMW Group’s dedication to making a difference. Through this partnership, The BMW Group is leading by example regarding reducing CO2 emissions from their operations.

The BMW Group has committed to reducing carbon emissions to mitigate climate change. To this end, the company is leveraging the potential of aluminium – a lightweight material that plays an essential role in electric vehicles – to reduce CO2 throughout its supply chain.

In particular, aluminium is being used as a substitute for steel in some components to reduce the weight of an electric vehicle and thus enable improved energy efficiency. This is a key factor for reducing CO2 emissions, as lighter cars require less energy to move.



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