UL Solutions Launches New ESG Advisory and Assurance Practice

UL Solutions’ Advisory and Assurance Practice is designed to provide companies with the resources to create and maintain ESG strategies. The practice offers tailored services that address various topics, from environmental compliance to social impact management. With expertise in key areas such as sustainability, climate change mitigation, supply chain integrity, health and safety, and human capital management, the practice provides strategic guidance and support to help companies identify and mitigate ESG risks.

UL Solutions’ new ESG Practice provides comprehensive support to companies seeking to measure and report their ESG performance effectively. The practice not only helps companies assess current performance but also guides how they can improve their ESG strategies in the future.

The practice focuses on helping organizations understand their ESG performance by providing access to the latest ESG data and insights and assisting organizations in developing strategies for addressing current challenges. Additionally, the practice offers to consult on incorporating ESG into corporate strategy, setting up an internal framework to track progress and reporting on results in a way that speaks directly to important stakeholders.

resource: https://www.esgtoday.com/ul-solutions-launches-new-esg-advisory-and-assurance-practice/


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