Government of Canada Invests in Training for Workers in a Net Zero Economy

Creating a strong and vibrant economy for the future means supporting good, middle-class jobs for Canadians. Canada understands that a healthy job market is essential to stimulating economic activity and ensuring its society’s prosperity. That’s why the Government of Canada is committed to investing in clean tech sectors, where Canadians have already taken the lead. This investment not only Through this investment, workers will enjoy good jobs and wages, and businesses can thrive in an emerging industry that also reduces our environmental footprint. By focusing on clean tech now, Canada is creating a solid foundation for their economy to continue building upon for years and decades.

Quick Train Canada is part of C2R2’s commitment to addressing the skills gap in Canada by providing Canadians access to free and reliable training that will prepare them for careers in fast-growing industries. Through this project, C2R2 has partnered with leading organizations across five sectors – agriculture, clean tech, construction, natural resources and environment, and transportation – to offer 80 micro-credential courses. These courses range from short-term certifications to more in-depth training programs, allowing Canadians to acquire the skills needed for industry-specific jobs. Each class is designed for entry-level and experienced workers of all ages who want to upgrade their skills or pursue new career paths.

The project is focused on providing job-ready skills and knowledge to Canadians as part of the economic recovery. It will help create opportunities for individuals from all backgrounds, including those from under-represented groups such as Indigenous peoples, newcomers to Canada, women, persons with disabilities and visible minorities.



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