Change of Authentication for CCASS Terminal – (i) Reminder of email registration for CCASS users; (ii) Kick-off of email registration for CCASS Delegated Administrators

It is essential for all CCASS Participants (CPs), Delegated Administrators (DAs) and Designated Banks (DBs) to take note of the upcoming 2FA migration deadline. All user-designated email addresses must be registered through the Security Management Functions (DMS) of CCASS by April 28th 2023 (Friday). This is to ensure that all users can access CCASS following the migration. Failure to register any user email address by this deadline will prevent them from being able to initiate 2FA authentication and thus accessing CCASS post-migration. To find out more about the registration procedure and other related information, please refer to Appendix A and B of the Information Package published on the HKEX website in December 2022. 

As part of an initiative to enhance security measures and migrate to two-factor authentication (2FA), the Hong Kong Exchange (HKEX) is launching an email registration process for DAs on Monday, March 20th, 2023. Accordingly, CPs and DBs are required to register the designated email addresses of their DAs by submitting the CCASS/CCMS Delegated Administrator Application/ Maintenance Form (eService: DA 3) in Client Connect via the access right “EU_UserMaintenance” on HKEX Access Management Portal (formerly ‘HKEX Client Connect’) by Friday, April 28th, 2023.



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