EU Launches New Cooperation Programmes with Morocco Worth €624 Million for Green Transition

The European Union and Morocco have recently announced new cooperation programmes with a total value of €624 million to support Morocco’s transition to green energy. The funding will finance renewable energy projects, such as solar and wind farms, and distribution networks connecting consumers to the projects’ electricity output.

The new cooperation programmes will also focus on enhancing cooperation in the areas of irregular migration management and strengthening social protection. This includes projects to improve labour market access for vulnerable populations and initiatives to assist refugees and integrate migrants into Moroccan society. Additionally, the European Union supports Morocco’s efforts to reform its public administration, judiciary systems and climate policy.

The five new programmes are part of the European Union’s wider efforts to support Morocco’s transition to a green, sustainable and inclusive economy—the funds to help Morocco achieve its long-term development objectives. The funds will be allocated over the upcoming years and are expected to boost the country’s green energy transition and help it achieve its Sustainable Development Goals.



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