Deloitte Launches Software Solution to Help Companies Build Decarbonization Strategies – ESG Today

The article discusses the launch of a new software solution by Deloitte aimed at helping companies develop decarbonization strategies. The software, called Decarbonization and Energy Platform Solution, combines data analytics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning to provide companies with insights into their energy consumption and emissions and helps them identify ways to reduce their carbon footprint.

DEPS enables companies to model different scenarios and evaluate the impact of varying decarbonization strategies on their business operations and their financial and sustainability goals. The software also provides real-time monitoring and reporting capabilities, allowing companies to track their progress and adjust as needed.

According to Deloitte, DEPS is designed to help companies navigate the complex landscape of decarbonization and energy management and to accelerate their transition to a low-carbon economy. The software is part of a broader suite of sustainability solutions offered by Deloitte, which includes services such as sustainability reporting, ESG strategy development, and supply chain sustainability.

Overall, the launch of DEPS reflects the growing importance of decarbonization and sustainability in the corporate world and the need for companies to take a data-driven and strategic approach to reducing their environmental impact.



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