Electriq Power Secures $300 Million of Solar+Storage Financing

Electriq Power has signed a multi-year agreement with a major U.S. clean-energy company worth over $300 million to provide turnkey energy solutions for home energy independence, including grid services over 25 years. The financing will support the implementation of Sustainable Community Networks (SCNs) throughout California. Electriq Power’s energy systems are available to homeowners in select locations, regardless of income or credit history, with no credit checks or property liens required. CEO Frank Magnotti believes the agreement is a significant milestone in providing secure, affordable, and predictable energy to households across California, and the company’s comprehensive solution, including home storage systems, will be crucial in post-NEM 3 deployments.

resource: https://esgnews.com/electriq-power-secures-300-million-of-solarstorage-financing/


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