U.S. EPA Proposes 56% Vehicle Emissions Cut By 2032, Requiring Big EV Jump

The US EPA has put forward new federal vehicle emissions standards to decrease harmful air pollution and address climate change. These standards will apply to light-, medium-, and heavy-duty vehicles for model year 2027 and beyond. They are predicted to decrease CO2 emissions by almost 10 billion tons, reduce America’s dependence on oil imports, enhance air quality for communities, and save owners of compliant vehicles thousands of dollars. Moreover, these standards will hasten the transition to electric vehicles and align with President Biden’s plan to invest in clean vehicle technologies and infrastructure. Interested parties will have the opportunity to scrutinize and comment on these proposals.

resource: https://esgnews.com/u-s-epa-proposes-56-vehicle-emissions-cut-by-2032-requiring-big-ev-jump/


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