Iberdrola to Require 85% of Purchases Come From Suppliers That Meet ESG Criteria

Iberdrola, a company that prioritizes ESG criteria, has announced that more than 85% of its purchases will be made from suppliers that meet sustainable development policies and standards. This target is a significant increase from its previous goal of having 70% of its main bidders meet the ESG criteria. Iberdrola seeks to promote best practices in 20,000 suppliers and evaluate potential risks in the purchasing process. The company also considers financial solvency, cybersecurity, occupational risk prevention, and environmental management in its assessment of suppliers. Iberdrola plans to continue its current ESG measurement model and support local suppliers while considering new action plans to fight climate change.

resource: https://esgnews.com/iberdrola-to-require-85-of-purchases-come-from-suppliers-that-meet-esg-criteria/


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