Banking Sector Defers Repayment of Trade Facilities by Another 90 Days

The CEO of the Securities and Futures Commission (SFC), Ms. Julia Leung, discussed the SFC’s regulatory priorities in a recent one-on-one discussion with Bloomberg. Leung emphasized maintaining resilient and orderly markets, promoting investor protection, fostering responsible innovation, and enhancing Hong Kong’s competitiveness as an international financial center (IFC) and gateway to Mainland China. The SFC plans to expand mutual market access schemes, enhance the quality and integrity of Hong Kong’s financial markets, and embrace sustainability and innovation. Leung highlighted the SFC’s virtual asset trading platform (VATP) regime and sustainable finance as key priorities, and emphasized the need for global and coordinated responses to emerging trends. The SFC is also working to mitigate regulatory arbitrage and set baseline standards to regulate centralised virtual asset exchanges in major markets. Finally, Leung encouraged capital market players to “go tech, go green and stay resilient.”



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