Hokodo and Citi Join Forces to Power Payments on New Renewable Energy Marketplace

Hokodo and Citi have collaborated to provide a Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) solution for Covento, a B2B marketplace for renewable energy spare parts and tools. The partnership aims to streamline the buying process for spare parts within the renewable energy space, which is currently fragmented and lacking in transparency. The payment solution will allow large global businesses to offer trade credit on e-commerce platforms and marketplaces. The solution includes API integrated customer registration, instant credit scoring and limits setting, automated assessment and processing for trade credit, flexible deferred payment options, and collections and credit management. The partnership aims to transform the buyer and seller experiences across the renewable aftermarket through this transformative B2B marketplace.

resource: https://esgnews.com/hokodo-and-citi-join-forces-to-power-payments-on-new-renewable-energy-marketplace/


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