Nestlé to Pilot Satellite Technology to Drive Transparency in its Reforestation Projects

Nestlé is set to become the first food and beverage company to test Airbus’s new Pléiades Neo satellites in monitoring its efforts towards reforestation. With the aid of high-resolution images from the technology, Nestlé intends to ensure that the trees it has planted in sourcing regions continue to thrive and remove carbon from the atmosphere. The company’s Global Reforestation Program aims to plant and grow 200 million trees in its supply chains by 2030 and remove 2 million tonnes of CO2e through these projects. Initially, the technology will be applied to a reforestation project in Southern Thailand, where Nestlé sources coffee. If successful, the approach may be extended to other parts of the world. Nestlé has been using Airbus and Earthworm Starling solution to monitor deforestation near its sourcing locations since 2016.



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