Mandatory Practice Session for Migration of Northbound (NB) Broker-To-Client Assigned Number (BCAN) File Submission and Download Functions to Electronic Communication Platform (ECP)

A mandatory practice session for the migration of Northbound Broker-to-Client Assigned Number (BCAN) file submission and download functions to Electronic Communication Platform (ECP) will be held on May 13th, 2023. All China Connect Exchange Participants (CCEPs) and Trade-through Exchange Participants (TTEPs) must participate in the session to verify their readiness for production migration. The CCEPs and TTEPs must submit a notification form and set up user access in the HKEX Access Management Portal by May 5th and May 12th, respectively. During the practice session, the relevant NB BCAN folders will be enabled, and all files submitted during the session will not be effective in production. After the successful completion of the practice session, all CCEPs and TTEPs must submit a declaration of readiness for the migration by May 16th. The production migration will be tentatively scheduled in June, subject to the successful completion of the practice session. Detailed arrangements will be announced later.



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