New speech by Julia Leung: Luncheon remarks at Hong Kong REITS Association

Ms Julia Leung, the Chief Executive Officer of the Securities and Futures Commission, thanks the audience for inviting them to deliver the keynote at an event celebrating the establishment of the Hong Kong REITS Association. They applaud the efforts of the association to promote the development of the REIT market in Hong Kong and emphasize the importance of REITs in strengthening the city’s position as a capital raising hub and premier asset management center. Ms Leung highlights the growth of the Hong Kong REIT market and initiatives to further promote it, such as enhancements to the REIT Code and tax incentives. They discuss potential regulatory enhancements, including allowing REITs to structure in a corporate form and legislative amendments to facilitate mergers and acquisitions. Ms Leung also calls for more promotion and investor education to enhance public awareness and understanding of REITs. Finally, they express their commitment to fostering the growth of the Hong Kong REIT market in collaboration with industry practitioners.



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