Uber To Eliminate Emissions On All Uber Eats Deliveries Globally By 2040

Uber has announced plans to eliminate emissions from all Uber Eats deliveries globally by 2040 and put an end to unnecessary plastic waste by 2030. The company intends to collaborate with partners and offer incentives to help couriers move to emission-free modes of transportation, such as e-bikes and electric vehicles. Moreover, Uber will assist restaurants in transitioning to more sustainable packaging. The company intends to hold itself accountable by incorporating progress into annual ESG reporting and launching sustainable packaging guidelines, investing in new features and technology, and providing grants for growth to support greener packaging. Uber also plans to advocate for policies that promote the use of sustainable packaging worldwide. Several organizations, including the World Wildlife Fund, Carbon-Free Transportation, and the Environmental Defense Fund, have shown support for Uber’s initiatives.

resource: https://esgnews.com/uber-to-eliminate-emissions-on-all-uber-eats-deliveries-globally-by-2040/


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