Rehearsal on the Polling Mechanism for Cash and Derivatives Market Contingencies on 5 July 2023

In case of an unexpected event, it’s crucial for the Exchange to receive quick and direct feedback from Exchange Participants (EPs) to evaluate the situation and take appropriate actions. One way for EPs to communicate with the Exchange is through electronic polling. To prepare for contingencies in the cash and derivatives market, a mandatory rehearsal for the polling mechanism will be held on July 5, 2023. EPs are required to appoint two Responsible Officers to respond to polling questions during contingencies and submit the “Designated Emergency Contact Persons for Cash Market Contingencies” form/”Designated Emergency Contact Persons for Derivatives Market Contingencies” form to the Trading Department of HKEX by June 30, 2023, if there are any changes. During the rehearsal, designated contact persons will receive an email with a simulated contingency questionnaire and will be given a specified time limit to complete it. Further information can be found in the guideline.

Guidelines for Exchange Participants during the Rehearsal (Cash Market): 

Guidelines for Exchange Participants during the Rehearsal (Derivatives Market):

Designated Emergency Contact Person for Derivatives Market Contingencies: 



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