Fast Interface for New Issuance (FINI): Market Familiarisation

On June 16, 2023, HKEX announced the successful completion of the FINI EUT period, which saw participation from several hundred firms representing various FINI User groups. These firms accounted for around 90% of Hong Kong’s IPO transaction activity over the past few years and have confirmed their readiness to use FINI following the EUT. HKEX has taken into account the participants’ feedback received during the EUT period and updated the FINI User Guide. Additionally, e-training videos are now available on the FINI webpage for the convenience of FINI Users’ internal staff. HKEX will conduct Market Practice and Rehearsal sessions in July and August 2023, which will be the final steps before FINI enters production. All EUT participants are encouraged to retain their current VPN access for the upcoming Market Practice Session. HKEX invites future FINI Users to register for the webinars via the Event section in Client Connect. The announcement has provided the details of the webinars and registration information for FINI.



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