New speech by Julia Leung: Keynote speech at ASIFMA China Capital Markets Conference

Ms Julia Leung discussed a strategy to reconnect with China, acknowledging that despite geopolitical tensions, China’s capital markets had become too big to ignore and too integrated to be decoupled. The strategy involves using Hong Kong as a fundraising center, deepening Connect schemes with Mainland markets, and enhancing Hong Kong’s role in Renminbi internationalization. Hong Kong is committed to sustainability and innovation in financial markets, promoting the recently launched International Sustainability Standards Board (ISSB) standards as a way to provide a common language for sustainability considerations. Hong Kong also recognizes the need for China to meet its net zero emissions commitments and sees itself playing a critical role in funding the low-carbon transition in the region. Additionally, Hong Kong is focused on financial technology to raise market efficiency and transparency. It is encouraged that Hong Kong should stay patient, clear-headed, and agile in its strategy to gear up for a new chapter in its story of connecting with China.



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