MAS and SGX Group Team with the CDSC to Boost Emissions Reporting for Companies

The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS), Singapore Exchange (SGX), and the Secretariat of the Climate Data Steering Committee (CDSC) have agreed to collaborate on providing stakeholders worldwide with access to important climate transition-related data. The CDSC brings together regulators, policymakers, and civil society organizations to advise on the key data needed to support and accelerate the global net-zero transition. The collaboration will involve MAS Project Greenprint’s ESGenome disclosure portal and the CDSC’s Net-Zero Data Public Utility (NZDPU) global repository of climate transition-related data. This will allow companies to transmit their data on greenhouse gas emissions to the NZDPU for immediate uploading to its global repository. The NZDPU aims to become part of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change and will address the problems of inadequate access and inconsistent reporting of climate transition-related data. The collaboration aims to facilitate the allocation of public and private capital towards financing climate transition and to harmonize and scale climate disclosures globally.



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