Iberdrola Introduces Global Green Employment, the Largest Platform for Guidance, Training and Green Employment

Iberdrola has launched Global Green Employment (GGE), a digital platform designed to connect individuals interested in working in the green sector with companies and institutions committed to sustainability and energy transition. GGE will provide candidates with a wide range of job and training opportunities available in partner companies and institutions. The platform will also help businesses find the best possible talent, becoming the most comprehensive and up-to-date green job exchange worldwide. Iberdrola aims to be a benchmark for employment guidance on green jobs, offering real-time analysis on updated vacancy maps available in the countries where it operates. The CEO of Iberdrola Spain, Mario Ruiz-Tagle, is confident that the platform will soon become a shared success and that Iberdrola will continue to work with passion to ensure this.

resource: https://esgnews.com/iberdrola-introduces-global-green-employment-the-largest-platform-for-guidance-training-and-green-employment/


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