SFC and Exchange sign second addendum to MoU governing listing matters

Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited (HKEX) has announced that it will launch FINI, its IPO settlement platform, in October 2023. The platform will reduce the time between IPO pricing and share trading from five business days (T+5) to two business days (T+2), thus modernizing and digitalizing Hong Kong’s IPO settlement process. HKEX has received strong support from market stakeholders during the development of FINI. Final preparations for the launch will be held in July and August, during which users are encouraged to participate in market practice sessions and rehearsals. The platform will operate on a cloud-based system, allowing various stakeholders to perform their roles digitally. Relevant rules amendments, which have been approved by the Securities and Futures Commission, have been published and will take effect on the FINI commencement date.




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