BMW Group Announces $220 Million for Electrification of Plant Rosslyn, South Africa

The BMW Group will be investing more than 200 million euros in the electrification of Plant Rosslyn in South Africa, where the next-generation BMW X3 will be produced as a plug-in hybrid for global export starting in 2024. The investment will also include specialized training for over 300 employees at the plant. Additionally, the BMW Group will donate over 1.5 million euros to UNICEF to support a program focused on teaching science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics to young people in South Africa. Plant Rosslyn has manufactured and exported over 1.6 million vehicles to more than 40 countries worldwide, and has been a significant part of BMW’s production network for several decades, including the production of the best-selling BMW X3 since 2018. The BMW Group is committed to social responsibility and resource conservation, partnering with organizations to ensure waste is reused and sourcing energy from a nearby biogas plant to reduce its CO2 footprint.



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