The Bezos Earth Fund Announces $50 Million in Grants for the Protection and Sustainable Development of the Brazilian Amazon

The Bezos Earth Fund has allocated $50 million in grants to support the conservation and sustainable development of the Amazon. The grants will aid in the creation and management of protected areas and Indigenous territories, early detection and response to forest fires, economic development based on the forest, and capacity building for carbon markets. The grant recipients include organizations such as Nia Tero, Rainforest Foundation Norway, Rainforest Trust, and the Wildlife Conservation Society. Moreover, the grants will provide training and assistance to Indigenous and community leaders to participate in emerging carbon market opportunities and to establish forest-protecting economies in the Brazilian Amazon. The Brazilian government recognizes the importance of the Amazon, and has made it a priority to prioritize socio-environmental protection and the fight against climate change, as the Amazon is crucial to our planet and the Indigenous Peoples and local communities who inhabit it.



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