PUMA to Source Bovine Leather From Deforestation-free Supply Chains by 2030

PUMA has recently joined the Deforestation-Free Call to Action for Leather, which was launched by Textile Exchange and Leather Working Group, two global non-profit organizations. The primary goal of this initiative is to create transparent and deforestation-free supply chains of leather that protect biodiversity and human rights. PUMA is committed to sustainable material usage, reducing its impact on biodiversity, and ensuring that all its leather supplies come from Leather Working Group certified tanneries. Although PUMA faces challenges in achieving full traceability of its suede leather supply chain due to intermediaries, it aims to collaborate with industry partners and non-profit organizations to overcome these barriers.

Resource: https://esgnews.com/puma-to-source-bovine-leather-from-deforestation-free-supply-chains-by-2030/


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