Additional Practice Session – The Amendment of Rules in Relation to Northbound Trading of Stock Connect by China Securities Regulatory Commission (CSRC), Shanghai Stock Exchange (SSE) And Shenzhen Stock Exchange (SZSE)

The Exchange Circular has announced an optional additional Practice Session (PS) on 15 July 2023 for China Connect Exchange Participants (CCEPs) and Trade-through Exchange Participants (TTEPs) to test BCAN tagging of Northbound orders in the testing environment. CCEPs who want to participate need to complete the Registration form and return it to the Exchange by 13 July 2023. A detailed rundown of activities for the PS will be sent to registered CCEPs by 14 July 2023. During the PS, specific arrangements will be made for Northbound trading, such as rejecting all Northbound buy orders tagged with CHN BCAN and accepting the tagging of reserved value “3 = for individual Mainland investors” or “4 = for institutional Mainland investors” for sell orders. Upon completing the PS, a Post Release Test will be scheduled on 22 July 2023, and more detailed arrangements will be announced.



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