Bezos Earth Fund Announces $400 Million for Greening in Underserved Urban U.S. Communities

The Bezos Earth Fund has committed $400 million to enhance green spaces in underserved urban US communities under the Greening America’s Cities initiative. Five cities – Albuquerque, Atlanta, Chicago, Los Angeles, and Wilmington – will receive $50 million for urban greening efforts, with plans to expand to more cities by 2030. The aim is to address the unequal access to nature and the lack of recognition of the importance of green spaces in underserved communities. The inaugural grantees will engage in community outreach, acquire land, design and construct projects, train locals, and ensure long-term maintenance. The initiative will improve physical and mental health, increase local resilience to climate impacts, and reduce energy consumption. The federal government has also pledged $1.5 billion in funding to advance the Justice40 initiative and provide equitable access to green spaces. The Greening America’s Cities initiative builds on the Bezos Earth Fund’s previous $300 million in funding to US climate and environmental justice groups.



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