Fast Interface for New Issuance (FINI): Market Rehearsals Update

HKEX has announced that a Market Rehearsal Session (MRS) for FINI will take place on August 26 and September 2, 2023. The MRS provides a chance for all FINI users to test their account setup in the FINI Production environment and execute a hypothetical IPO in a compressed, one-day simulation of the T+2 settlement timetable. The same six IPO cases used during the FINI Market Practice Sessions will be re-used for the MRS. The MRS will be open to all FINI Banks and HKSCC Participants, while other FINI Users will be assigned to a specific test case by agreement with HKEX. All FINI Users are highly recommended to participate in the MRS. HKEX will also arrange a second round of Market Practice Sessions from August 7-23, 2023, for certain FINI Users to conduct additional testing and familiarisation with different roles and functions in a simulated ‘real speed’ IPO. The launch date of FINI will be announced following the completion of the MRS.



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