WTW Launches New Tool to Boost Board-Level Climate Skills

WTW, a company that provides advisory, broking, and solutions services, has launched a new engagement tool called Climate Vista. The purpose of this tool is to assist boards and senior management in understanding the exposure of their companies to ESG and climate-related risks and opportunities. It also aims to promote alignment between board members and between boards and management on climate action. Climate Vista offers tailored sessions, led by WTW climate experts and board advisers, to assess the current level of understanding of climate issues, perceptions of barriers to action, and the level of ambition for climate action. The tool is adaptable to different companies’ geographical locations and sectors. Will Bugler, Climate Change Learning and Engagement Lead at WTW, has stated that Climate Vista is a powerful tool that can help boards comprehend the financial risks posed by climate change to their business.

Resource: https://www.esgtoday.com/wtw-launches-new-tool-to-boost-board-level-climate-skills/


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