EU Commission Approves €1.5 Billion for ProLogium To Research and Develop EV Batteries

ProLogium, a company specializing in developing solid-state batteries for electric vehicles, has selected France as the location for its first large-scale manufacturing plant outside Asia. To support ProLogium’s research and development of new generation batteries and set up a gigafactory in Dunkirk, France, the European Commission has approved a €1.5 billion grant from the French government under the European framework for State aid for research, development, and innovation. The grant will be awarded to ProLogium according to different milestones until 2029, and the company will share its technical results and collaborate with local industry, academia, and customers based on fair and non-discriminatory conditions. The project is expected to create 3,000 jobs and establish a comprehensive research and development ecosystem. Construction of the gigafactory is scheduled to commence in the second half of 2024, with production estimated to start by the end of 2026.



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