Fast Interface for New Issuance (FINI): Participation in Market Rehearsals

Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited (HKEX) has announced the dates for the Market Rehearsals Session (MRS) for FINI. The MRS will take place on August 26, 2023, and September 2, 2023. To participate, all FINI Users must complete their user account and teams setup on the HKEX Access Management Portal by August 21, 2023. They should also ensure that their interface and/or system are available during one of the designated MRS weekends and complete internal verification. An updated Access Management User Guide has been published with detailed instructions for FINI Users. The MRS is open to all FINI Banks (mandatory for both sessions) and HKSCC Participants (to join at least one session), while other FINI Users will be assigned specific test cases by HKEX. It is highly recommended for all FINI Users to participate in the MRS and register their participation by August 21, 2023. The MRS will allow users to verify and test their account setup in the FINI Production environment, and upon successful completion, HKEX will announce the exact launch date of FINI. HKEX expresses its gratitude to all market participants for their support in this important reform of Hong Kong’s IPO settlement process.



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