GM Invests $60 million in AI and Battery Materials Innovator Mitra Chem

General Motors (GM) is investing $60 million in Mitra Chem, an AI-enabled battery materials innovator based in Silicon Valley. The aim of this collaboration is to expedite GM’s development of affordable electric vehicle (EV) batteries. Mitra Chem’s advanced research facility and AI platform will play a crucial role in accelerating the commercialization of EV batteries by GM. Together, they will focus on creating advanced iron-based cathode active materials, like lithium manganese iron phosphate (LMFP), that can power cost-effective EV batteries compatible with GM’s Ultium Platform. GM’s funding will support Mitra Chem in scaling its operations and fast-tracking the formulation of novel battery materials for market introduction. The ultimate goal is to establish a U.S.-focused battery supply chain and advance the production of iron-based cathode materials for EVs and grid-scale energy storage.



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