IFC and IDEI Announce Green Bond Issuance for $800 Million Pesos to Promote Sustainable Construction in Mexico

The International Finance Corporation (IFC) and Internacional de Inversiones (IDEI) have announced the issuance of a green bond worth 800 million pesos. The purpose of this bond is to promote sustainable construction in Mexico. By supporting the development of green financing for construction projects, the bond aims to strengthen Mexico’s climate financing market and encourage the adoption of certified sustainable construction and green financing standards. The bond issuance consists of two series, with IFC providing a stock market guarantee for 50 percent of the total amount issued. The resources obtained from the bond will be used to finance the construction of additional square meters in properties certified by EDGE (Excellence in Design for Greater Efficiencies).

Resource: https://esgnews.com/ifc-and-idei-announce-green-bond-issuance-for-800-million-pesos-to-promote-sustainable-construction-in-mexico/


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