Bloomberg Survey Reveals Increasing Demand for ESG Data but Data Management Challenges Persist

Over 90% of executives are planning to increase their spending on ESG data, but challenges like data linkage and managing multiple vendor feeds are reducing its value. The top priorities for ESG spending are benchmarks, company-reported data, ESG scores, and sustainable debt. Data quality and coverage are key criteria for selecting ESG data providers. While some firms feel ahead in ESG capabilities, others admit to being behind. However, all executives agree that ESG data is important for keeping pace with peers, gaining a competitive advantage, and complying with regulations. The management of ESG data poses challenges like handling evolving content, managing multiple vendor feeds, and aligning data. Cloud-based solutions are preferred. Bloomberg aims to deliver high-quality ESG data and analytics that integrate with existing data. Technical scalability and data transparency are crucial for integrating ESG data effectively.



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