Flo Group and Versalis Launch R-Hybrid: First Vending Cup Made from Post-Consumer Recycled Polystyrene

Flo Group and Versalis have introduced R-Hybrid, a groundbreaking vending cup made from post-consumer recycled polystyrene (rPS). This innovative cup features a multilayer structure, combining an inner layer of r-PS from the Versalis-Revive PS series with an outer layer of virgin PS. R-Hybrid is not only recyclable but also boasts a reduced carbon footprint compared to traditional vending cups. The cup will be showcased at the prestigious Plast exhibition, marking a significant milestone in sustainable food packaging. It enables the reuse of polystyrene, thereby preserving its original value and contributing to a more environmentally friendly approach.

Resource: https://esgnews.com/flo-group-and-versalis-launch-r-hybrid-first-vending-cup-made-from-post-consumer-recycled-polystyrene/


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