Volkswagen Group Taps into New Profit Pools with Sustainable Mobility

The Volkswagen Group has achieved significant progress in its technology platforms, expanding its sustainable mobility business. It plans to introduce new e-mobility platforms, including the Premium Platform Electric (PPE) in 2024 and the improved Modular Electric Drive Matrix (MEB+) in 2025, offering longer range and affordable prices. Partnerships with Mahindra and Ford are being pursued for MEB components and battery cells. Software development is a priority, with the Audi Q6 e-tron showcasing the new E 1.2 software generation. The Group is investing in bicycle leasing through Pon subsidiary Bike Mobility Services (BMS) and establishing a mobility platform with Europcar. These advancements support the Group’s transformation into an integrated mobility provider, targeting profit pools and sustainable micromobility trends.



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