EU Approves Deal to Raise Renewable Energy Target to 42.5% of Total Consumption by 2030

The European Union (EU) is aiming to increase the share of renewable energy in its final energy consumption to 42.5% by 2030, with a goal of reaching 45%. The EU Parliament has voted in favor of boosting the deployment of renewable energy in line with the Green Deal and REPowerEU plans. The updated Renewable Energy Directive (RED) includes provisions for faster approval procedures for new renewable energy projects and sets a timeframe of 12 months for approving installations in designated renewable energy areas and 24 months outside those areas. In the transport sector, the use of new fuels should result in a 14.5% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2030. The legislation also emphasizes the importance of innovative renewable energy technology, cross-border energy projects, and sustainable biomass practices. The next step is for the legislation to be formally endorsed by the Council to become law.



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