Allianz says ClimateTech is the missing piece in the Net Zero puzzle

A report by Allianz Economic Research, Allianz X, UnternehmerTUM, and UVC Partners highlights the potential of the ClimateTech industry, projecting it to generate EUR 600 billion in annual turnover by 2030. However, the report warns that Europe is at risk of falling behind the US and China in this sector. It emphasizes the need for significant private investment, a common EU platform for funding access, and public-private partnerships (PPPs) to support the growth of the ClimateTech industry. The report also suggests policy recommendations such as reducing bureaucratic hurdles, attracting institutional capital, and mandating the procurement of climate tech solutions. Urgent action is required to strengthen Europe’s position in the ClimateTech industry and achieve the global transition to a net-zero future.



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