EY, Microsoft Launch Green Skills Training Program 

EY and Microsoft have launched the Green Skills Passport, a free online education program aimed at providing young people with sustainability skills for green jobs and opportunities in the green economy. The program is part of a collaboration between the two companies focused on upskilling young individuals in areas such as sustainability, STEM, and entrepreneurship. The International Labor Organization estimates that 24 million green jobs will be created by 2030, highlighting the need to address the skills gap in sustainability. The program offers a 10-hour virtual course covering various topics, provides access to a database of green job resources, and includes employability skills training. The launch follows successful pilot programs in the U.S., India, and Bangladesh, with positive outcomes and high interest in pursuing green careers.

Resource: https://www.esgtoday.com/ey-microsoft-launch-green-economy-job-training-program/


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