Japan Prime Minister Kishida Says Japan Pensions With $600 Billion to Sign ESG Pact

Japanese pension funds, managing a massive 90 trillion yen (equivalent to USD$600 billion), have announced their participation in a global initiative for responsible investment. Prime Minister Kishida made this announcement during his speech at the “PRI in Person” forum, emphasizing Japan’s commitment to addressing social and environmental challenges while promoting sustainable growth. Japan aims to redirect its vast household financial assets, totaling over 2,100 trillion yen ($14 trillion), into investments that drive sustainable growth. The Prime Minister outlined four major policy priorities, including a focus on green transformation, supporting startups, enhancing human capital, and strengthening sustainable finance. Japan also plans to cooperate with other Asian countries to achieve global net-zero emissions through the launch of an “Asia GX consortium.” This announcement demonstrates Japan’s determination to play a leading role in the global transition to a more sustainable future.

Resource: https://esgnews.com/japan-prime-minister-kishida-says-japan-pensions-with-600-billion-to-sign-esg-pact/


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