64% of Institutional Investors Say Financial Returns is Top Driver for Sustainable Investing: Schroders

A new study by Schroders reveals that nearly two-thirds of institutional investors prioritize long-term financial returns as the main driver for investing in sustainability and impact strategies. The study surveyed 770 institutional investors globally, representing around $35 trillion in assets under management. The findings indicate a shift in focus towards capitalizing on opportunities rather than solely using sustainable investing as a risk management tool. Half of the respondents have set net zero greenhouse gas emissions goals for their portfolios, with 39% targeting net zero by 2050. The study also highlights a growing interest in thematic investing and the impact of investments, with private assets, particularly infrastructure, seen as offering the best opportunities for sustainability and impact objectives. Investors also emphasized the importance of easily measurable and understood impact when selecting impact investments.

Resource: https://www.esgtoday.com/64-of-institutional-investors-say-financial-returns-is-top-driver-for-sustainable-investing-schroders/


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