Deutsche Bank Publishes Net Zero Transition Plan for Operations, Supply Chain, Financed Emissions

Deutsche Bank has published its Transition Plan, outlining its path to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050. The plan includes targets for emissions reductions in its operations, supply chain, and financed activities. It sets goals for sectors like coal mining, cement, and shipping, as well as emissions reporting and energy consumption reductions. The bank aims to refine the plan as regulations evolve. It has already set financed emission reduction targets for various sectors, covering 55% of its corporate loan portfolio emissions. The plan also addresses supply chain emissions and outlines actions to collect data and limit business travel. In its own operations, Deutsche Bank has achieved a 64% emissions reduction since 2019 and has set goals for renewable energy usage and energy consumption reduction. The bank emphasizes its commitment to sustainability and decoupling economic growth from CO2 emissions.

Transition Plan:



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