Biomaterials Startup GOZEN Raises $3.3 Million In Seed Funding

Biomaterials startup GOZEN has secured $3.3 million in seed funding from investors including Happiness Capital, Accelr8, Astor Management, and SOSV. The funding will support GOZEN’s development and scaling efforts for its innovative biomaterial, LUNAFORM™, which aims to replace traditional materials in the fashion and automotive industries with high-performing vegan and plastic-free alternatives. LUNAFORM™, produced through a fermentation process by microorganisms, was recently unveiled at Paris Fashion Week in collaboration with Balenciaga. The material offers remarkable tensile strength, natural flexibility, and design adaptability. GOZEN’s production process takes just 10 days and the company plans to open a new facility in Turkey to increase its annual production capacity. The startup aims to lead the way in eco-conscious materials and practices, inspiring other brands to adopt sustainable alternatives.



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